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Essential Daily Hydration

30 Hydration Packets
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A clean, daily hydration mix optimized to hydrate you faster and more efficiently than water alone. No Sugar. No Calories. Simply Refreshing.
We recommend drinking Nectar in the morning to give the day your best shot. Simply mix one packet of Nectar with water (our suggested serving size is 16oz) and you’re good to go.
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Zero Calories & Sugar Free
All Natural & Vegan
No Synthetic Fillers
Made in the USA

Feeling thirsty?

Let’s face it, you probably aren’t running a marathon everyday (even though it may feel like it). However, you don’t need to be sweating it out to be dehydrated. In fact, most daily habits - think your morning Americano and that SoulCycle class - contribute to dehydration. 

Hydration: A Balancing Act

We’re not trying to give water a bad rap, but plain ‘ole H2O isn’t as hydrating as you think it is. Your body requires a delicate balance of fluids and electrolytes to perform at its best. Mixed with a glass of water, the medical grade electrolytes in Nectar boost the absorption of your water to hydrate you as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Six Essential Ingredients

Sugar Free. Calorie Free. Refreshingly Simple.


Prevents Muscle Cramps


Regulates Heart Rhythm


Drives Energy Creation

Sodium Chloride

Maintains Fluid Balance

Organic Fruit

Refreshing Taste

Organic Stevia

Light Sweetener

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

You’re putting this in your body - skepticism is encouraged.

Do I need Nectar?

Studies show that 3 out of 4 people suffer from chronic dehydration. Many of the symptoms we overlook as byproducts of our busy lifestyles - fatigue, brain fog, feeling down. Adding Nectar to your daily routine helps you make the most of your water, keeping you hydrated and feeling your best.

How long will it take me to feel a difference?

Nectar starts working immediately after consumption to hydrate you as efficiently as possible. Depending on how chronically dehydrated you are, it can take up to a week of daily use to start fully feeling the benefits - increased energy levels, mental clarity and improved mood.

Does rapid hydration require sugar?

Most other hydration powder companies developed their formula based on the World Health Organization’s “Oral Rehydration Solution.” This formula was developed for individuals suffering “life threatening diarrhoeal dehydration.” Odds are, if you’re on a computer, you’re not experiencing this level of near-death dehydration and malnourishment, and you likely never will. Sugar is one of the most prevalent ingredients in the average diet. Nectar’s proprietary formula relies on replenishing what we are not getting on a daily basis from the food we already eat. Don’t let companies who aren’t willing to spend the money on organic Stevia fool you with their “science” - they’re just looking to save money.

What if I don't like Nectar?

We want you to be happy and feel a difference with our product. If you end up not liking Nectar, we'll refund your first order in full. No questions asked. Please reach out to us at if you have any issues.

Nectar’s Scientists


Cellular Biologist



We Keep it Real

4.8 out of 5.0 stars

We Get a Lot of Love

My New Daily Ritual

While I was skeptical of trying a hydration powder (why not just drink more water), Nectar has quickly become a part of my daily routine. Drinking enough water is difficult and I immeidatley feel a boost of energy and focus after a Nectar. On top of that, I love that the product has no sugar and the ingredients are all natural and clean.

But Can’t Please Everyone

Still Trying it Out

I am currently on month two of Nectar and have noticed a number of benefits, but am unsure if it’s because I’m drinking more water. Compared to the other hydration powders I’ve tried (Liquid IV and Hydrant), I am much happier and will continue taking Nectar daily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 166 reviews
So happy to find this!

My husband and I love this stuff! Great taste and really helps us stay hydrated. We live in a very hot climate and I needed something to help me not feel so weak and worn out, but don’t like that most electrolyte drinks have so much artificial “junk” in them. Nectar is very clean and we could not be happier with it! We are on the monthly reorder program.

Emma Gallagher
SO happy I found you!

I suffer from migraines and dehydration. I like to have some electrolytes on hand but hate the artificial ingredients in gatorade & the other electrolyte drink packets on the market have sugar. I was so pleased to find this!!! It tastes great, have clean ingredients (which is essential for me), and works well. Thank you SO much for creating this product.

Madeleine Reed
I hate water

Yeah. I pretty much hate water. This helps to no end. A little expensive but I’m thankful for a 0 cal 0 sugar wat to help me stay hydrated.

Christine Dunn
Simply Delightful

This is a great tasting electrolyte drink. Keeps my blood sugar balanced and staves off hunger.

Ashley Reynolds
Hydrating, great taste

A friend was recommended this by her doctor, and told me about it. I really feel the difference when I drink it and it tastes great!!