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Hi, We're Nectar

We believe that hydration is the superpower that charges everything people do.

So, we created Nectar.

For years, I wondered what was causing my constant feelings of lethargy and fatigue. Diet, exercise, sleep schedule – I tried changing it all to no avail. After a trip to my primary care physician and a full blood panel, the answer became clear – I was chronically dehydrated. At the request of my Doctor, I began testing a number of hydration products. However, I quickly realized none fit my health-conscious lifestyle (low sugar, zero calorie and low sodium). I immediately knew I could create something better that was actually good for the body and set out to create Nectar.

Our Guiding Values



We have a deep-rooted desire to approach our customers with honesty.  We are transparent in who we are, why we started and what we hope to achieve. We believe that what you put into your body matters. We put our values, ingredients, science, and story upfront and in the light because we want to be a brand that you can trust. 



We’ve made everything about Nectar as simple as possible. In our own lives, we discovered simplicity is where we find happiness.  Whether you are simplifying your lifestyle, your career, or what you put in your body, we wanted to make a product that could be an easy addition to a healthy lifestyle. 



Nectar was created to help you feel your best, and we made it for everybody.  No matter where you are in your health and wellness journey, we want to be an additional step towards a healthier you.  Helping people realize that they are capable of achieving anything they set out to do is what really excites us.



We are a brand that is dedicated to putting people and their health first.  We understand that health and wellness is a lifelong journey and that it takes support in order to achieve our goals.  Our vision is to build deep connections with people that help them thrive. 

Wellness Should Be Shared

We donate a portion of every sale to initiatives that help improve the health and wellness of low-income communities. Our vision is to build lasting connections with these organizations so that we can meaningfuly impact lives. 

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