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Hydration Starter Pack

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$15 (Save 40%)

  • Hydration / Variety Pack
  • Hydration / Fresh Lemon
  • Hydration / Wild Berry
  • Hydration / Sunrise Orange
  • Hydration / Cherry Pomegranate
  • Hydration / Strawberry Lemonade
  • Hydration / Watermelon
  • Energy / Variety Pack
  • Energy / Fresh Lemon
  • Energy / Wild Berry
  • Energy / Sunrise Orange
  • Energy / Cherry Pomegranate
  • Energy / Strawberry Lemonade
  • Energy / Watermelon
  • Variety Pack
  • Fresh Lemon
  • Wild Berry
  • Sunrise Orange
  • Cherry Pomegranate
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Watermelon
*In 21 days, we'll text you about starting a monthly subscription (30 day supply) of Nectar. Don't worry, you can cancel or update your preferences at any time.

Staying hydrated is hard. That’s why we created Nectar - a clean rapid hydration mix.

Natural Energy
Boosted Focus
Improved Mood
Strengthened Immunity

We Let the Science Speak

You've probably heard dehydration is bad for you. Yet, studies show 75% of us are Chronically Dehydrated, resulting in:

  • Fatigue and Lethargy (the afternoon slump)
  • Mood Disturbance (I just can't)
  • Dry and Flushed Skin (no glow)
  • Slowed Metabolism (weight gain)
Try Nectar, Risk-Free

Put Your Water to Work

When you're dehydrated, your body needs more than just plain water. Nectar uses the highest quality, research backed electrolytes to help you get more from your water, hydrating you as efficiently as possible.

  • 2-3x more hydrating than water alone
  • Only the essentials, none of the B.S.
  • Zero Sugar, Zero Calories
Try Nectar, Risk-Free

Nectar’s Scientists


Cellular Biologist



Hydration You’ll Feel Good About

Zero Calories & Sugar Free
All Natural &
No Synthetic
Made in

We Keep it Real

4.8 out of 5.0 stars

We Get a Lot of Love

My New Daily Ritual

While I was skeptical of trying a hydration powder (why not just drink more water), Nectar has quickly become a part of my daily routine. Drinking enough water is difficult and I immeidatley feel a boost of energy and focus after a Nectar. On top of that, I love that the product has no sugar and the ingredients are all natural and clean.

But Can’t Please Everyone

Still Trying it Out

I am currently on month two of Nectar and have noticed a number of benefits, but am unsure if it’s because I’m drinking more water. Compared to the other hydration powders I’ve tried (Liquid IV and Hydrant), I am much happier and will continue taking Nectar daily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6073 reviews
Nicole Coolidge

I was purchasing this product from another company but my subscription ended up costing more bc of the shipping charge so I decided to check with Nectar directly and they don’t charge shipping so I’m saving $7 a month, and that adds up! I love Nectar Essential Daily Hydration Packets, they help me stay hydrated and they have improved my skin!

Paige Puricelli

Essential Daily Hydration

Julie Fischer
Love these!

I really love these little packets! I'm pretty active year round, but given the fact that it's also summertime, I've been having at least two a day since I received my delivery. I've tried other brands that use ingredients that taste fake and these definitely do not. It's not a strong flavor either, but just enough! Can't wait for my next delivery!

I love Nectar!

All of the flavors are so good and I love that I don’t have to worry about having too much sugar

Affordable!! Mild, Enjoyable Flavor, Proven Results!!

I am a Letter Carrier. I walk 8 to 15 miles a day for work and fast 20 hours a day. I also have had stomach issues for 20+ years. I need electrolytes that don't have added dyes, sugar or chemicals. They also have to keep me going while fasting and walking many miles in all sorts of weather. NECTAR IS IT!!! Thank you!!

Kelli Porter

I have recently been diagnosed with an electric light in balance that is causing bradycardia. I have just received my supply and I have tasted three of the flavors so far and it was good but I have no idea. I can update you later later on if it helps my electrolyte imbalance. The price is right the shipment was quick. It tastes good and seems to have everything that I am supposed to have extra.

Laurie Austin

Essential Daily Hydration

Cassandra Metro
Love these!

I have tried SEVERAL brands of hydration packets. You name it I’ve tried it! The price is what peaked my interest first, it’s extremely reasonable. They flavors are what’s kept me reordering every month! As a breastfeeding mama of an 18 month old and 5 month old, working full time and living in the sunny state of Arizona hydration is crucial and Nectar is my secret weapon ☺️

Mariola Dudzicka

I like choice of flavors. Good feeling afterwards.

Andrea Brown

I am very pleased with Nectar. I use it daily.